Why Your Shampoo Makes Your Scalp Tingle

Happy young woman buying a perfume. Shallow DOF.

Happy young woman buying a tingle for her scalp

Words can mean different things to different people. For example I drive a Honda CRV with a twisted bumper (its a long story and I’m getting it fixed) and one of the web designers here at Frollicle drives a brand new black Lexus SUV fully loaded with leather seats. We both refer to our vehicles as “My car” although we mean totally different things with same word. 

So it is dear lovers of great hair with the word Shampoo.

Here is a scenario that you may or may not find in your showering experiences. You go to a friends house or an expensive hotel and you shower and rub in some shampoo. As you wash your hair you feel a cold sensation on your scalp and slight tingle all over your head.

Scenario number two.  You use a generic shampoo and you feel no tingle and no cold sensation. The shampoo drains with the running water never to be heard from again.

This is the basic difference between a mass chemical production that foams thickly on your head and smells great but in reality it’s doing nothing for your scalp, versus an organic, essential oil based shampoo that you can actually feel working on your hair follicles.

Some shampoos will use menthol to create that cooling sensation on the scalp. I’m not into menthol cigarettes or menthol in my hair. Tea Tree oil also creates that same tingling feeling and is much healthier for you.  It helps with dandruff. It can also stimulate new hair growth by cleaning out the dead skin cells from your hair follicles.  And that wonderfully cool tingling sensation really helps me to start my day feeling invigorated.

I use the Doctor recommended shampoos that use clinicly proven organic oils that seep into the pours of your scalp and do a virtual massage of each and every follicle leaving your head feeling slightly cold and tingly. That’s a great sign. That’s the feeling I get when I use Pura Dor organic shampoo.  That’s why I take my small bottles with me when I travel to cosmetic conferences or when I go on vacation.

Nature has several organic oils that are scalp friendly. For example tea tree, grape fruit and lavender all have natural oils that are clinically proven to be healthy for your scalp. If you read the ingredients on www.purador.com you’ll see what they use.

So if your shampoo just drains with the water leaving you no sensation or tingling it’s time to try an organic shampoo. Your scalp will thank me.

Like I always say, behind every good head of hair is a great scalp.

So don’t ignore your scalp. Treat each and every follicle with tender loving care.

Learn more at www.purador.com

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of Frollicle.com. She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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