Why I’m Committed To Pura d’Or Pro Organic Shampoo

I’ve been using Pura d’Or ProOrganic shampoo and conditioner for a while now. My hair has greatly improved. There are less hairs in the drain after showering and less hairs left in my brush. My hair is less frizzy even on rainy humid days and also less staticky. So is my hair now considered cured? Can I go back to using less expensive shampoos?

I decided to try going back to my regular drug store brand shampoo. Big mistake. At first all seemed fine. But after a week I noticed my scalp was dry and started getting itchy. On the next rainy day my hair was so frizzy in front I had to use hair gel and a straightening iron to make it look decent and then some hairspray to make it stay that way. I was afraid to look in the shower drain, certain that my hair would start to thin again.

I wasn’t happy about my return to these products. After all they created the damage to begin with. I realized I was not saving any money by using the regular shampoo. I would have to go out and purchase a new batch of hair care products just to look presentable.

So it’s back to ProOrganic for me. I will not be making the same mistake again. I will keep my subscription to the 2-minute club, ensuring that I never run out. I definitely never want to have to resort to using a mass marketed, drug store brand again.

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of Frollicle.com. She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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