What To Expect From Using ProOrganic Shampoo by Pura d’Or

When I first started using ProOrganic by Pura d’Or, a natural sulfate free shampoo I was a bit put off by the texture and the lack of foam when washing my hair. My hair after the first few washes appeared knotty and dry. I blamed it on the new shampoo and wondered if I should continue using it. So I called the company to learn more about it.

Pura d’Or put me in touch with their hair care expert who patiently answered all my questions. It’s normal for hair to feel knotty when first starting out with a sulfate free, essential oil based shampoo. It also can be drying in the beginning as it works with the natural oils produced by your scalp. It can take a while for the oils to rebalance themselves after being stripped away for so long by regular soap based shampoo. I was told to try it for two months before deciding if it was a product I wanted to use long term.

I’m so happy I listened. My hair was dry and knotty for about three weeks. I used the accompanying conditioner which helped to replenish the moisture. In the fourth week I noticed my hair felt smoother and more moisturized. I needed less conditioner and my hair was easier to brush. At the six week mark I noticed less hair falling out, and at two months my hair was definitely thicker and shinier. Three months later my dandruff has disappeared completely, and not only do I notice the difference but my family and friends do too.

Another unexpected bonus is that now I have no need for hair styling products. The anti frizz gels and overnight conditioners and hair masks are now a thing of the past. I literally need just two minutes a day for beautiful hair. I wash, condition and let it air dry. I’m thrilled with the results.



Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of Frollicle.com. She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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