How To Get the Best Price For The Best Hair Care Products

Everyone wants the best hair care products available today. But what are the best hair care products? And where is the best place to buy them? The go to place to buy anything these days seems to be Amazon. You can type almost any product into the search bar and thousands of items will show up. How do you know which are the best? And is Amazon really the best place to buy them?

I went about trying to find the answers to these questions. First I narrowed down the product list by reading the ingredients list. Anything that contained sulfates or fragrances or other artificial chemicals was off the list. I next read reviews and called up companies. I asked about the purpose of their products, how they were tested and where they were sourced their from. I then did an internet search and an Amazon search to see where these products were cheapest.

Hair care products are things that are being used over the long term. I kept in mind the need to repurchase and what using these products would cost in the long term. Even though I have Prime Membership at Amazon, it made more sense to purchase these products elsewhere.

So what are they? And where is the best place to buy them? While everyone has their own personal must haves, the following five products are a must have for everyone.

  1. Pura d’Or Pro Organic Shampoo and Conditioner: The first must have is a top notch shampoo and conditioner. If you only purchase one product it should be this. What you wash your hair with can make or break (literally) your hair. This one of a kind, completely natural shampoo and conditioner is perfect for all hair types. It will keep you follicles healthy, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. The best place to purchase this is through  Not only will this be the most cost effective way to get the shampoo, an added bonus is that you can sign up for a monthly or bimonthly subscription, taking away the worry of running out of shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Vitagoods Scalp Massager: To get shampoo to really work its best, it should be massaged into the scalp. The scalp is where the follicles are and massaging them can keep them from closing, preventing thinning hair. This scalp massager is a gentle easy way to make sure your follicles are in optimum health. The Vitagoods Massager can be found at
  3. GranNaturals Boar Bristle Paddle Brush: You want to make sure that the brush you use does not cause your hair to break. Using a boar bristle brushes such as the GranNatural is the most effective way to brush your hair without causing damage to the delicate hair shaft. You can find this brush at
  4. Sultra Seductress 1″ Curl, Wave and Straight Iron: While it may be best to never apply heat to your hair, sometimes you just have to. Heat styling tools come in all price ranges with a variety of styling options. The Sultra Seductress pretty much does it all. While it’s not the cheapest styling tool out there, it’s got great temperature control as well as automatic shut off. Never leave your house again wondering if you unplugged your curling iron. And if you buy it at you get a significant savings.
  5. Swim Spray: Swimming is not an everyday occurrence for many. But even one time in a chlorinated pool can cause hair issues. Chlorine can be neutralized with vitamin C. Swim Spray is an already mixed vitamin C solution and is the perfect size to fit in your gym bag. Just spray it on your hair after swimming and before showering. It will prevent the color damage and tangled hair that anyone who ever went swimming is familiar with. The best price for this spray can be found at

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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