Top 10 Best Shampoos

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it researching tons of sites. We did that for you.

We’ve gone through thousands of reviews, trials and errors, and research – and only the top 10 best shampoos are listed below.

You’ve probably been told, like we have, that switching shampoo every few months is best for your hair. But that’s totally inaccurate information! Truth is, once you find one good one that works for you, stick with it. Ladies & gentlemen, the top 10:

1) Pro Organic | PURA D’OR’s Pro Line

pro organic pura d'or pro line shampoo conditioner

Why We Love It: It’s a combination of all the best ingredients from all the others, but in one product

What You Need To Know: It’s a club, free to join or cancel, but members get discounts

Where To Get It: 2-Minute Club

More Info: Filled with ingredients that are incredibly high quality and all organic, like Red Korean Seaweed (yes, that’s a thing), argan oil, apple seed extract, and an aloe vera base (revolutionary!) this shampoo is more like a system. It’s great for all hair-types, and you can wash your hair every day since there are no gross chemicals. But be patient – it takes a couple of months to get the most results. It works best if you use the conditioner, too. They refer to it as the “Dream Team”. Thick and full hair, here we go!



Why We Love It: It’s great for colored hair, so if you have damage, they can help

What You Need To Know: They also have salons!

Where To Get It: Aveda’s Website

More Info: This company has a ton of products. They are a lot more expensive than most others, but it’s worth it to take care of your hair. They have a different solution based on hair-type, so it’s really good for anyone. They focus on resisting fading, which we all know we need when we color our hair.



Why We Love It: They are super professional and always keep it classy

What You Need To Know: They also have salons all over!

Where To Get It: Redken’s Website

More Info: Redken is just so classy and consistently good stuff! Now they have one just for blondes – called Blonde Idol. It’s sulfate-free, pH

balanced shampoo for natural and color-treated blonde hair featuring their Kera-Bright System. Ooh, so fancy!



Why We Love It: It has great quality ingredients

What You Need To Know: It smells heavenly and is considered one of the best

Where To Get It: Nexxus’ Website

More Info: Nexxus sounds so futuristic and is fun to say  Also, it has 100% pure Elastin Protein which is really good for your hair. It’s silicone free (but so many sources say silicone is good for your hair, we haven’t decided what to believe yet!) and it lathers up really well.



Why We Love It: It’s available in so many places, and feels great to use!

What You Need To Know: Great for treating hair-loss due to breakage

Where To Get It: Purador’s Website

More Info: I know, I know, we just talked about the Pro Line, but if you don’t want that, the regular lines are awesome. They have hair-loss due to breakage therapy shampoos, and just look at their Amazon reviews – so many people say it works really well, and we love a product that stands by itself and keeps its word!


Try using PRIV ! It brings stylists to your home. So once you find the perfect shampoo that keeps your hair healthy and happy, you don’t have to style it alone anymore! Hire a professional to do it for you. Yay!



Why We Love It: It’s been around a long time and is consistently great

What You Need To Know: It has fantastic reviews online

Where To Get It: Pureology’s Website

More Info: They have lots of different products, but our favorite is the Purify Shampoo for color treated hair. It doesn’t have sulfates, so you know you’re getting a product that won’t kill your hair with that chemical (yuck). They use coconut, corn, and sugar, and blend witch hazel, baking soda, and tea tree oil.


liquid keratin

Why We Love It: It’s a detox for your hair!

What You Need To Know: It’s anti-frizz, for those who need it!

Where To Get It: Liquid Keratin’s Website

More Info: These people know lather like no other. But make sure you use their conditioner too, because you don’t want it leaving your hair too dry. It uses B12 vitamins, and removes impurities. Bad impurities, go away! Thank you, Liquid Keratin. As they say, bad hair days are gone. They also have a 60-day treatment you can do at home without needing to go to a salon.



Why We Love It: They have a serious guarantee!

What You Need To Know: It’s medicated, so use with caution!

Where To Get It: Ultrax’s Website

More Info: So they are caffeine-based, and so are we! It’s an advanced system and they say you get results within a month. Other than coffee (who can argue the benefits of coffee!) it uses Ketaconazole – which has ongoing studies to find out what makes it so potent – and also Saw Palmetto, which may block a DHT that causes baldness.



Why We Love It: It’s perfect to calm down wild curls

What You Need To Know: It’s more expensive than lots of others, but worth it

Where To Get It: Bumble & Bumble

More Info: Bumble & Bumble have lots of options based on hair-type, but this one is for those wild curly haired men and women. They recommend you also use their conditioner. It’s not natural or organic, so don’t wash every day, but it does have coco-betaine and other ingredients that are known to reduce frizz and tame the mane.



Why We Love It: It’s a shampoo and a shower gel

What You Need To Know: It’s meant for men, but ladies, we’re not judging!

Where To Get It: Bvlgari

More Info: It’s noble, smells sexy, and is meant for the sophisticated man only. It’s filled with hydrating and nurturing ingredients, infused with delicate perfume, and leaves your body and hair feeling soft and fresh.

11) (I know, we love breaking rules) VICTORIA’S SECRET SO SEXY NOURISHING SHAMPOO


Why We Love It: Because it’s Victoria’s Secret. ‘Nuff said.

What You Need To Know: You might not look like an angel, but you’ll smell like one

Where To Get It: Amazon

More Info: It’s called Major Shine, and it’s supermodel approved! Customer reviews aren’t great, and it might not have the science and perfected engineering behind it like the others do, but it just makes you feel sexy. It just does. You can’t get it in stores or on their site anymore, but Amazon still carries it!

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried these or others. Happy Showering!

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