The Ultimate Remedy For Dry And Brittle Hair

brittle hair

Is your hair dry and brittle? Does it seem like every time you shower that it’s falling out? Are you constantly running to the drugstore to buy vitamin supplements for stronger hair? Are you constantly online looking for that miracle shampoo that will revitalize your mane? Then it’s time to try what I call the outside/inside-inside/outside approach.

The first step is to work from the outside by  using a natural shampoo that contains no chemicals. This  can make your hair shine and clear up your actual hair follicles to promote growth.  I personally use Pura D’or organic shampoo. It’s fairly easy, requiring just two minutes a day, not much of a commitment. The second step is where it gets difficult. Working from the inside out usually requires a lifestyle change, as it requires you to eat an optimal diet. One heavy on protein, healthy fats and vegetables and light on sugar and simple carbohydrates.

When I suggest this to friends that are having issues with their hair, the answer tends to be either that there’s no time to cook or that it’s too expensive. After personally undergoing a serious lifestyle change myself I can say that neither is true. My food bills have gone down and I’m spending less time in the kitchen than ever. Preparing an extremely tasty nutritious meal can be just as quick as microwaving a frozen dinner. (I haven’t tested this as I don’t use a microwave, but I have watched others preparing such dinners and they usually take at least ten minutes from start to finish.)

It’s definitely not easy to make such a commitment. It requires discipline and some planning. It may take weeks or even months to get it right. But the tradeoff is tremendous. Not only will your hair improve, you will feel better all around. So start slow, and take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Your hair will thank you.


Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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