The 2 Minute Club: Prevention As Cure

Hair loss can be prevented

Hair loss can be prevented

Fifty percent of women will start to see thinning of their hair by the time they hit their thirties. The reasons for this include genetic and  lifestyle factors as well as medical issues. Regardless of what is causing the hair loss, knowing the high chance of it happening to you should cause you to take action now.

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. This adage is pounded into us as children. We brush our teeth to prevent cavities. We get vaccinated to prevent illness. We watch our diets to prevent an expanding waistline. We are even taught to moisturize our skin from a young age to prevent wrinkles when we get older. Seems that we are taught prevention in everything having to do with our hygiene, health and beauty. Except for hair care. Sure we tell kids to keep it brushed and trimmed when necessary. But that’s pretty much it.  Why aren’t we teaching the best way possible to keep our hair?

So we hit our thirties and start noticing our hair thinning. We run to the dermatologist for a prescription for something, anything, that will help us keep our hair. Some of these remedies work in the short term. Many have unpleasant side effects. But what’s a woman to do? We should go back to what we learned as children. Prevention is the cure. By using the proper hair care products to begin with, such as essential oils, we can keep our hair follicles healthy.

As a teenager and into my twenties I never thought about this much. After having my kids I became one of those to experience thinning hair. In looking for solutions I came upon studies of essential oils and hair growth. I learned that most hair loss, be it a hormonal or genetic issue, is caused by the hair follicles shrinking in size, ultimately preventing new hair from growing in. Essential oils have been proven to work naturally on the follicles, keeping them from shrinking, thus allowing healthy hair growth to continue.

Now, I’m not a chemist or an herbalist. I hate science experiments, especially those that use oils. I hate a mess. The thought of mixing up different potions and elixirs at my bathroom sink did not appeal to me. So began my quest for a shampoo containing these magic ingredients. One without fragrance or other additives, that would strip whatever hair I do have of its natural shine. The ingredients all pure with all the necessary oils in one bottle.

I found only one. It’s also the only one that has a subscription service so that you never run out of shampoo.  I have now been using Pura d’Or shampoo from the 2 Minute Club for a while. Not only have I experienced less hair loss, I also have more new hair growth than I’ve had before.

No matter your age, the 2 Minute Club has made it possible to protect your hair follicles, preventing further hair loss. An ounce for a pound will always be a great deal.




Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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