The 2 Minute Club: Answer To Your Hair’s Prayers


The Two Minute Club. Answer to my prayers.  Savior of my eleven year old daughter’s scalp which suffers from some sort of allergic reaction whenever it’s washed with the typical mass marketed shampoos. She tried every brand out there, finally settling on a chemical free one from Amazon. While it cleans her hair very well, it’s very expensive and the bottle is really small. It was costing me about forty dollars a month just to keep the flakiness and itching away from her head. So for a while now I have been looking for an alternative.

By chance, she was showering one evening in the master bathroom and decided to try the Pura d’Or shampoo sitting on the shelf.  While I know it’s chemical, dye and fragrance free, I never thought to let her use it. I have it because my husband loves it. He insists that it keeps his hair from falling out. He’s very afraid of ending up bald like his brothers and he’s been using this shampoo for months.  I guess I just thought of it as a shampoo for adults with hair loss issues. Interesting that the answer to the shampoo problem was sitting right there.

She emerged from the shower so excited. She loved that it had a great smell. The shampoo she had been using had no smell at all. Being that she’s become afraid of soaps with fragrance, I did have to reassure her that the smell in Pura d’Or was from the essential oils in the ingredients, not from chemical additives. When she saw how nicely her hair dried without the use of blow driers or curling irons to keep the frizz at bay (she’s eleven years old after all and hairstyling has become super important to her), she asked if I could get her some Pura d’Or shampoo too. We decided to give it a few weeks to see if she broke out from it. It’s now a month later and she’s eczema free on her scalp.

Over this past month I learned from Pura d’Or that they were launching a new site. This one would be a subscription service with shampoo specially formulated for your hair type delivered straight to your door. So yesterday we signed up to become members of this new service at the Using the site is so easy that the kid was able to sign up all by herself. And the price tag is great. $27.99 for forty five days worth of shampoo. That’s about half of the price I had been paying for an inferior product. So not only is my daughter excited about being part of this super cool shampoo club (clubs are always super cool), I am excited too.

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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