The Most Sought After Everyday Hairstyle

kate middleton

What do Olivia Palermo, a New York City Socialite, and Kate Middleton, an English Royal, have in common? The most sought after everyday hairstyle.

As a hairstylist, I get a lot of requests to recreate looks seen on various celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or Blake Lively. However, there’s something about the shiny, healthy-looking, understated, style of Kate and Olivia’s famous manes that is so coveted.

To recreate this look, start from the beginning, in the shower. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, like Pura d’or Shampoo,  which won’t dry out your strands.  Try to let your hair air dry when possible so you avoid using too much heat styling on your hair.

Use a large barrel curling iron at least 2″ wide to get lots of volume for hair that looks full of body with just a slight wave. Remember, this look follows the “Less is More” mantra, so don’t worry about curling every strand exactly the same way.

Grab random sections of hair, and run the iron through rather quickly. Try not to start the curl too high up on your head, and for the front, face- framing pieces, just a slight bend towards the face will do.

If your hair does turn out looking too perfectly curled, just loosen it up by using a metal bristle brush. The metal bristles will ensure your hair keeps its shine.

Now go out and rock your perfectly un-perfect hairstyle with confidence like a socialite or royalty would. And enjoy all the compliments.

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