Scientists Discover Natural Cure for Hair Loss

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There are scientific reasons why women in their 30’s start loosing their hair or suffer from thinning hair. Naturally your hair follicles start closing and that has a direct effect on how you feel and look. Hair loss is a real condition that creates real stress and worry.  Many people turn to over the counter chemicals that claim they can restore a full head of hair. Some cosmetic surgery ads claim they can help to.  Both methods have low success rates and have unwanted side effects. There is some good news though.  Scientists have now discovered a set of natural oils that can help maintain healthy hair follicles.

Although “Big Shampoo” companies know of the benefits of using organic essential oils, they still use the cheaper chemicals that are actually bad for your hair follicles. They use  sulfates and phthalates which make for great smelling products that have great foaming action, giving an illusion of super clean hair.  These products also dry out the natural oils produced by the follicles,creating shrinkage and poor hair growth. Many of the more natural minded shampoo brands include these chemicals under more organic sounding names because it’s what people expect of shampoo.

Scientists and hair chemists have known for a while that change is needed in the hair care industry.  Because of what shampoo expectations have become, not many were quick to jump on the bandwagon to create a product that was actually beneficial to hair growth as opposed to one that created an illusion of healthy hair. Follicles are not visible to the naked eye and they can take months to reactivate. In our culture of instant gratification, the things that sell best are those that offer fast results. But like most things in life that itself is an illusion.

There is only one company that currently sells a hair shampoo that is made up of  only beneficial ingredients. Pura d’Or shampoo is scientifically proven to be a natural and safe shampoo that maintains and strengthens hair growth. The Pura d’Or formula contains a blend of essential oils like argan (a key strengthening oil for hair), pumpkin (it protects the follicles at the root and increases shine), Rosemary (it’s known to help stop premature hair loss), and saw palmetto (it contains key nutrients to help regenerate thinning hair).

Read more about the natural solution to hair thinning at, the subscription service for Pura d’Or shmapoo and discover the right product for your hair type.


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