A Quick Hair Fix: The Loose Side Braid


Do you need a quick hair fix? Is your second day hair looking a bit bent out of shape? Just throw it together in a loose messy side braid and you can be out the door and looking cute as ever in just minutes. It’s the most trendy thing in hair right now. The best thing about it?  The messier and the more effortless looking the braid the better it is.

To get this look, just pull all your hair to the side, and start braiding it into a classic three strand braid. You can start it off a bit tighter if you’d like, and then loosen it up later.  It will last longer this way. Secure the end with an elastic and you’re good to go. Remember to carry bobby pins on you if your hair has lots of layers. You’ll need those little things when they try to escape throughout the day.  Taking selfies afterwards is optional, but you may just want to!

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