The Natural Cure for Dry Scalp

I’ve suffered from an itchy and flaky scalp for many years. I was always checking my shoulders to make sure I’m not showing off my dry scalp. The fact that I wore black suits only made the problem worse. Many times just wearing a hat would give me a terrible itching fit.
If you suffer from a dry scalp you know what I’m talking about and you also know that itching the scalp only makes the flaky situation worse.
But a man needs his hats and black suits, and luckily, I spoke to a dermatologist who found the root of the problem. Listen to this: it was not my scalp! The Doctor told me that the source of my itchy flakes was from the over the counter mass produced shampoos that contain a chemical called sulfate. I had never thought twice about what shampoo I used. If it smelled good what could be wrong?
Ironically although sulfate makes for great a great foaming agent it’s actually bad for your scalp and bad for your hair. The dermatologist introduced me to the world of organic shampoos. Once I discovered the Pura d’Or shampoo I read about the essential oils that soothe and activate, stimulate and rejuvenate hair follicles. I was obviously hooked.
I’m not surprised that Pura d’Or is the fastest selling organic shampoo on Amazon today. My scalp feels great and I’m happy telling people about sulfate and organic shampoos.
To make my life even easier and my hair even better, I recently joined the 2 Minute Club. It’s where I get Pura d’Or’s latest product, the ProOrganic shampoo with essential oils that not only cure my dry scalp but enhance my hair volume.
I don’t know why it took so long for people to realize that putting chemicals into your hair is not good for you. The chemicals found in shampoos actually strip the hair of its natural oils creating a thinning hair epidemic in young females and males today.
If you suffer from dry scalp it can very well be a reaction to the type of shampoo you’re using. I always suggest that people switch to an organic essential oil based product and wait six weeks before analyzing the benefits.
The most productive use of  Pura d’Or Organic products is to lather and allow the goodness to sit for two minutes before washing it out.
It’s been a while since I thought twice about wearing a black jacket or worried about embarrassing flakes on my shoulder. It’s all thanks to nature itself. And of course the people from Pura d’Or who figured out how to extract the natural remedy for dry scalp and thinning hair from nature itself.

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