Why Men Are Scared Of Losing Their Hair

Hair-loss seems to be a  natural part of getting old and for precisely that reason I freaked out. I was in my mid-30s and life really hadn’t served me any major blows. I felt young and I never thought I would ever get old. I was living in Los Angeles and I was busy checking out the latest organic coffee shops that sprouted almost daily in the old West Adams historic neighborhood. Until one day, there I was staring in the mirror wondering why my hair was betraying me.

For me, the number one reason why we all want a full head of hair is because it means you’re young, strong  and attractive. Losing your hair, means your old, soft and unattractive, the exact opposite of youth. Whether this is true or not, there is a real psychological price that is paid by males and females in their mid-30s who experience thinning and eventually the loss of their hair.

So I did what anyone would do. I began googling and doing my research as to why this was happening and if anything could be done to prevent it.  I made some surprising discoveries. The most important one was that although there is a genetic component to hair-loss, the shampoo you use can accelerate the process or slow it down. Most shampoos are chemical based, formulated to clean so well that they strip the hair and scalp of the natural oils I was born with. These natural oils are there to keep my hair and scalp healthy. And here I was, for years, unknowingly washing them away.

I am a person concerned with what I put into my body. I am an organic coffee aficionado . I drive an electric car. I’m super health conscious. Yet here I was, unknowingly putting chemicals on my head daily. It really gave me something to think about. It was also the start of my journey toward organic shampoos.

Once I entered that world there was no turning back. Although most Pro Organic customers claim it takes up to six weeks to see a difference I personally began to feel different right away. I don’t think it’s purely psychological. I would have terrible flakes and itchy scalp almost daily with the use of mass produced chemically base shampoos. That situation ended immediately when I began to use organic natural shampoo.

Last week as I sat in the early morning breeze at the organic coffee shop on West Adams the discussion turned to organic shampoos. Shelley the barista, queen of organic coffee and organic everything else, told me about the two-minute club. It’s a club of men and women who have committed to taking care of their hair and scalp. They provide a pro organic shampoo, completely natural and chemical free, that’s available only to club members.  They ship it directly to your door so you never run out. The reason why it’s called the two-minute club is for the best results they suggest leaving the shampoo in your here for two minutes before rinsing.

I highly recommend men and women checking out this club. The organic goodness really gets your day started and leaves you feeling alive. In much the same way organic coffee does.

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