How to make those perfect beach curls last for days


The most popular hairstyle right now are those perfectly imperfect beachy waves.  The one misconception when it comes to achieving this hairstyle is starting off with very loose waves, or just creating a slight bend, and immediately messing up the hair with your hands. In reality, that method will last you only a mere hour or two before it falls and looks like no style at all.

To get the most out of your time, go for a tighter curl. You can even go as far as to set it in ringlets, and let it cool while you get ready to leave. Before leaving, gently use your fingers to slightly break up the ringlets. Let time and gravity do the rest, as your curls gradually fall.  Avoid the temptation to brush your hair out. The result? A beautiful hairdo that just keeps on giving, as after a night out, you may find that you like your hair  even more, once the style has loosened and has that cool messy look.

Enjoy the effort you put into styling your hair for a few days at least. This method can have your hair looking chic a whole weekend, without putting your tresses through unnecessary damage which could result from excessive heat styling. Remember to use a chemical free shampoo such as one from the Pura D’or line. This will ensure that your curls have a great shine too.

Happy hair styling!

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