What I Like About Eva Mendes

Fashion portrait of beautiful girl using her mobile phone in the car.

I checked my phone and was happy for Eva.

In today’s world of beauty we have an unrealistic photoshopped image of the perfect woman we could be although we all know that’s not possible.

For some unknown reason magazines and commercials continue to create a beauty goal that most women cannot possibly achieve. Why?

I’m not sure why, there is much speculation as to who is behind it. Many men that I’ve spoken to admit that they find unnaturally thin women to be unattractive. For some reason the true beauty of a real woman has been replaced by many beauty companies with models that represent something else.

That’s what I like about Eva Mendes. She’s 41 and she looks like a real woman. I’m happy for her that she got the job over at cosmetic giant Estée Lauder.

Lauder’s new line of skincare products is called New Dimensions and Eva Mendes is the new face to sell it. According to Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president for Estée Lauder, the new line “Is about a change in concept, a change in point of view”.  So maybe things are changing for the better.

The face of Eva Mendes tells people that being yourself is the best way to go in fashion. The Hollywood star from films like Training Day and Hitch is a good choice for a new cosmetic line.

I hope the new line lives up to its promise of highlighting and sculpting the faces of its women who use it.

Either way, I’m happy that the tide is turning back to models that model real women. After all, true beauty is found in being the real you. And don’t let any billboard tell you otherwise.

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