How To Reduce Inflammation At The Hair Follicle Itself

Inflammation is a major cause of hair loss. Otherwise healthy people can wake up one day and notice bald patches on their heads. Of course the first place to go in such a situation is the dermatologist. And thats’s a good and appropriate thing to do. A biopsy can be performed so you can find out exactly what is causing the hair loss. It is not unusual to find out it is being cause by inflammation.

No one knows exactly what causes the large amounts of inflammation that are being seen in people in all parts of the body. There are many hypotheses ranging from the food we eat, to the chemicals used in plastics. This issue is a real one. While medications subduing the immune system can help some, and steroid shots offer some temporary gain, there has yet to be anything medical science has that can solve this problem. Especially the one of inflammation in the hair follicles. It’s usually considered cosmetic, not life threatening and insurance companies are not very willing to cover the costs of treatment for something deemed so superficial.

Is it really just a cosmetic, superficial problem? If only. Hair is very much tied in with a person’s emotional well being. It’s the crown of our bodies, proof of youth and vitality. So can anything be done? Is there anything safe and effective out there that doesn’t require needles to the head or immunosuppressants?

There is. Nature has provided us with tremendous bounty when it comes to anti inflammatory substances. There are many plants and seeds whose essence is pure antioxidants. Putting these directly on your scalp can help to reduce the inflammation, keeping your hair follicles from closing.

There is one shampoo that has all of nature’s goodness in one bottle. It’s made by Pura d’Or and sold through the 2 Minute Club. It has science on its side, using ingredients that have been proven to work effectively on inflammation of the scalp. The fact that you can sign up and have the product shipped directly to your door is super helpful too. Stress is a root cause of the body’s inflammatory process. Eliminating the late night run to restock your shower supplies is calming for you and your follicles too.


Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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