How A Hair Club Can Get You A Job Promotion


Once upon a time you worried about hairstyle. You invested in all sorts  of gels and mousses and hairsprays. You purchased a curling iron in every barrel width. Or if you are male you got the best hairdryer and hair cream. All to make your hair just so.

Then you started climbing up the corporate ladder. Or you left Corporate America and started your own small business. Now work related tasks take over your life. You barely have time to eat. Hairstyle? What’s that? You are trying your all just to keep the strands of hair on your head, what with all the stress of real life. You think with nostalgia about being in your twenties when you had the time to actually worry about what you looked like.

This is a mistake. Research has shown, be it fair or not, that people that look good are more likely to get job promotions and get bigger sales. You can shop online for the nicest clothes, or even have a tailor or seamstress come to your office. You can wear the best Italian shoes money can buy. Honestly though, the first visible thing about you will be your face and your hair.  But if you don’t have time for thrice weekly sessions at the blowout bar or hairdresser what can be done?

Don’t despair. Great looking hair is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. Or a few taps on your touchscreen. Just go to Choose your hair type and subscribe. This incredible shampoo will be shipped to your door every 45 days ensuring you will never run out of the best hair care product out there. You can also say a permanent goodbye to your styling products without guilt. Because this natural shampoo contains no chemicals, your hair remains the way it should be, making these extra products unnecessary. No need to replenish lost moisture, no reason for anti frizz gel. Let your hair air dry and you will be amazed at how beautiful and shiny the outcome is.

In my personal experience this club has been a tremendous time saver. I can now eat breakfast with my kids and walk the dog in peace, not having to rush through it all. I don’t have to throw on my clothes quickly and haphazardly just so I can spend time in the mirror adjusting my dry, brittle hair into some semblance of an acceptable style. The natural shine of my teenage hair has returned. It is also growing in thicker and better than ever before.

Give it a try. Bask in the new found positive attention of your boss or customers. Success really is all about your hair.

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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