Hair Care Solution: The Two Minute Club

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Over the years as I  washed  and cared for my hair, I often wondered when a quick, easy, no fuss, excellent hair care product would enter the market. Something made of natural ingredients as opposed to the chemical compounds which fill the typical shampoo bottle. A hair care product that wouldn’t require much effort. Most people in today’s world have extremely hectic days, so my wish was for a product that would be so simple to use that it would require no more than two minutes of my time.

Enter the Two Minute Club. A hair care subscription service that sends you shampoo and conditioner right to your door. You answer a few questions and they send you a product that matches your hair type. So simple, yet so great. I no longer have to peruse the aisles of drug stores and beauty shops looking for a shampoo that will make my hair look fantastic, always disappointed in the end result.

The shampoo and conditioner they sent me is incredible. It’s made completely of natural products. No sulfates or phthalates are included in it. It also smells really good. Not an overwhelming scent like most shampoos have, but a light scent that comes naturally from the essential oils which make up a large part of  this shampoo’s ingredients. I am amazed that I no longer have to deep condition my hair or use special anti frizz gels. I wash, condition and air dry. And voila! Healthy, bouncy fresh smelling hair is mine for the day. My wish has come true.

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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