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Hair by CMC hair studio/wreath by mimulo

Last Licks Of Summer: Hairstyles

It’s time to get your last licks of summer…I’m talking about trying this summer’s most popular hair trend: wreaths! Whether you have a wedding, or just a fun labor day weekend BBQ, why not...


Beach Tip: Sand in your Hair?

I’ve been feeling like a legitimate grown up lately. I never thought the day would come when Summer would feel too long, but somehow, lately, I’ve been pining for September. My kids have been...


My Coffee Confession

How does one start off their day and keep the stress at bay?  How does one get out of bed and get rid of that feeling of lead? All rhyming aside the answer is...

The Daily Frollicle

The Daily Frollicle

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Welcome to

Welcome to

Welcome to You may have guessed it, but just in case you’re still wondering about the name, here it is: Frollicle is all about the perfect balance between fun and fashion. I’ve approached...