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Whatever is hot right now, you’ll find it right here. What you should be reading, eating, buying, wearing, we will let you know. If it hurts, if it has bad side effects, it wont be here. But if it passes the Frollicle Fashion Police, we will keep you in the know. Looking good and feeling great.

The Perfect Winter Hair Style

Seems all the celebrities are cutting their hair.  To just about shoulder length. Some with eyebrow skimming bangs. Some with longer bangs.  Just in time for winter’s coldest days. Winter is a great time...

starbucks dude 2

10 Celebrities that Sport a Pompadour

Different hair style trends have often fascinated me, but nothing as much as the pompadour. It keeps coming back in different variations. My barista at Starbucks just started sporting a pompadour and I told...