Beach Tip: Sand in your Hair?


I’ve been feeling like a legitimate grown up lately. I never thought the day would come when Summer would feel too long, but somehow, lately, I’ve been pining for September. My kids have been home for weeks on end, and while we’ve exhausted all neighborhood splash pads and fountains, we’ve recently been staying cool (them – physically, me – mentally) by beach hopping our way up the Southern California coastline.

With some wanderlust-worthy beach discoveries came the frustrating and sometimes agonizing annoyance of a head full of sand. Somehow after each beach day, my scalp would be covered by a smatter of sand. And on my kids heads, even worse. Anyone who has ever tried removing sand from hair knows that it is a tedious and tenebrous task. Definitely before showering. But sometimes even after numerous shampooing and scrubbing, the stuff just sticks around. Literally.

Last week a seasoned-mom friend of mine suggested I try “the credit card trick”. I had no inkling as to what she was referring to, and naturally felt gypped of the mommy-insiders info. Apparently, this (righteously named) Trick really does the trick! Here’s how it works: when hair is dry, simply use any credit card – squeegee style – to flick sand off of scalp. Working your way down the part line, use a rub-and-flick motion to remove all sand quickly and easily from hair. Cake!

Now go enjoy your last licks of summer – sand free.

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