About Frollicle

Welcome to the Frollicle.com. You may have guessed it, but just in case you’re still wondering about the name, here it is: Frollicle is all about the perfect balance between fun and fashion. I’ve approached many a stylist out of pure fear of getting old. Fear of loosing that youthful vitality in my hair. But not anymore. I discovered that by replacing fear with fun the results are better, and if not, at least you’re having fun.

Did you ever wonder what really inspired the great looks of the 50’s, 60’s and even today? Well, I believe those great looks and products were inspired by someone trying to have a little fun with it. No matter what your fashion goals are, having a little fun with it will definitely help. Everything bell-bottoms or wheat grass, even the ancient discovery of the all-powerful coffee bean all started with someone trying to have fun.

At Frollicle we believe that if you want to stay young and vibrant you need to have fun. (Of course you’ll need some of our editors hand-picked organic products and you’ll need to watch some of our exclusive video content of how-to’s by our fashion experts.) So, in short, our content is driven by people like you that are motivated by having fun. Like my mother always told me, a great hair day starts with a smile.

Bluma Marcus