What Machine Washing My Suede Shoes Taught Me About Hair Care

I did something crazy last week. Or maybe it could be classified under calculated risk. I took a new pair of suede shoes and put them in the washing machine. My kid spilled his soup on my shoes and I figured before I give up and throw them out I should try to clean them. Suede cleaner and a brush didn’t work so as a last ditch effort I threw them into the machine. I added some detergent, set the cycle to gentle and prayed. They came out sparkling clean, looking brand new.

After the fact, I checked the shoe company website to see what they say should be done about dirty shoes. The instructions said to clean with suede cleaner. And to never ever stick the shoes in the washing machine. If I had read this in the first place my shoes would be in the garbage instead of comfortably on my feet.

Sometimes a person needs to take a chance. To not check google for instructions. To try their luck. Information is everywhere these days. Sometimes it makes us afraid to experiment. But without innovation the world would be a very boring place.

Take modern day hair care for example. For the past hundred or so years people have been washing their hair with soaps and solvents. These soaps were the great innovation of their day, bringing better hygiene to the planet. But like all good things, there is such a thing as too much. These very same detergents gave rise to dandruff and eczema. So the name brand soap companies started adding moisturizers to their products in the hope of stopping this problem. Instead of solving the issue though, they only acted as cover up while the problem persisted and became worse.

If you would read a shampoo instruction manual it would tell you these issues are normal, just use more conditioner. ¬†If that doesn’t work then use a hair mask. If problems still persist then use a leave in hair cream. And on and on. A never ending list of products are continuously being brought to market, each one manufactured as a cure to a hair ailment that the product before caused.

It is lucky then that there are still people that don’t follow instructions. Instead of reading the hair care user manual to solve the problem, they use their heads. They look for the root cause of the problem. They find the common denominator, the one thing that everyone who is complaining does the same. And they change that.

There are now shampoos on the market¬†that do not use harsh chemicals or solvents. They are pure and natural. They use essential oils, which are known for their exceptional cleaning and healing properties. They have saved countless heads of hair from hair loss and discomfort. My favorite is the Pura d’Or brand. Their Pro Organic gold label shampoo is fantastic. It has cleared up all my hair issues and my hair looks better than ever. I love it so much I subscribe to it through 2minuteclub.com and it’s delivered to my door every month. I never want to run out.

I am so glad that there are still people out there that sometimes don’t follow the rules. Myself included. Because now I can have a sparkling, clean pair of suede shoes and a beautiful, healthy head of hair.


Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of Frollicle.com. She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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