What Riding A Skateboard Can Teach About Beauty

As I was getting my kids into the car this morning I noticed a teenager on a skateboard. A skateboard is not an unusual mode of transportation in my part of the country. Even in February. What was unusual though was  what he managed to take along with him. In one hand was a very heavy looking duffel bag. In the other was a lacrosse stick.

I once tried to ride a skateboard. I gave up quickly. I do not possess the balance or coordination necessary to keep myself on a wooden board placed over wheels that has the tendency to go very fast. I promptly fell off and vowed never to try again. I have great respect for anyone that can keep themselves on something like that.

When I saw this kid at 6:45 in the morning skateboarding happily down the street in the fog while holding these large and heavy items it made me think. What does he have that I don’t that he can do a balancing act like that? And look so carefree while doing it?

Balance. To ride a skateboard you need excellent balance. Otherwise you will fall off. To ride one while holding both heavy and large items you need to trust that balance. You need to give yourself over to the thrill of moving fast while trusting your inner instinct. You need to remove the thoughts that ask why and how it’s possible and just go with the spirit of the movement.

This is something that taught me a great lesson. Beauty is about balance. Spending too much time on it is detrimental. If you think too much about it you will always find a flaw, which you will then try to fix by spending money and time on it. Instead, find the best products you can, use them wisely and give yourself over to them. Let them carry you forward.

Give yourself the gift of balance. Put in the effort in the beginning. Take a quick look in the mirror. Decide what you would like to improve. Is it your hair? Then buy the best product you can afford that’s made to tackle the issue. Something such as Pro organic shampoo by Pura d’Or. Is it your skin? Then maybe try some argan oil. Once you make that decision, incorporate it into your regular self care schedule. Don’t overthink it. Give yourself over to its magic. Let it gather momentum with each use. It will become as effortless as riding the skateboard is to that kid, bringing you closer to the ultimate personal care destination, looking your absolute best.



Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of Frollicle.com. She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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