The Must Have Berry For Hair Growth

I always love when February arrives. Living in southern California, it’s the month when the strawberry growers set up their stands in any open space they can find and sell these delicious berries straight from the farm. It’s fun to take the kids out for a walk to the closest stand and pick up some strawberries. We  then whip up some heavy cream and have a most delicious treat.

Strawberries are very healthy. They have a lot of vitamin C, which is vital to our immune health. They contain very little sugar and a lot of fiber. They are also an excellent source of folate.

Folate (folic acid) is an essential B vitamin necessary for getting oxygen rich red blood cells to the whole body. For hair to grow properly you need healthy blood circulation. Folate also helps with new tissue growth. It is known to regenerate the cells that grow hair. In order to have healthy hair growth you need to make sure you are getting enough of this important vitamin.

While many foods are fortified with folic acid in the united states, it’s always better to get your vitamins from natural sources. Your body can metabolize them better that way, making better use of the nutrients. I try to eat enough fruits and vegetables so that I don’t have to rely on synthetic vitamins to get my daily quota. The local strawberry stands make it easy. At least when it comes to my folic acid intake.

Taking care of your hair requires more than a fantastic shampoo and conditioner. What you wash your hair with is very important. But just as important is your nutrition. Hair is an extension of your body. If you are in optimum health, your up your chances of having, and holding onto, a healthy head of hair.

It’s true that not everyone has access to fruit stands in  middle of the winter. But most do have access to a grocery store. If fresh strawberries are not available, buy frozen ones. They have the same nutritional value. As you eat them enjoy the berry goodness while at the same time knowing that they are bringing one step closer to beautiful healthy hair.


Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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