Meet The Plant Extract That Prevents Hair Loss

I have some family members that suffer from what is known as “male pattern baldness”. This very real issue is caused by testosterone being converted into dihydrotestosterone(DHT). ¬†It causes the hair follicles to shrink resulting in hair loss. It’s also not strictly a male issue despite its name. My family has been on a quest to find something natural that would work to curb this issue.

There are of course many products out there claiming to cure hair loss. There are prescription shampoos, vitamins and supplements that all claim to stop baldness in its tracks. There are special diets and smoothies my friends swear by. And I think these things do work. Especially in the long term as proper nutrition can keep hormones in balance preventing the DHT conversion.

I really wanted something natural. Chemicals scare me especially when put on the head. Too close to my brain or the brains of my loved ones. I also wanted something that didn’t require elaborate food rituals or timed pill swallowing. Something easy to use that had clinical studies to back it up. I did not just want to spend money on a fad.

Research shows that there are specific plant and seed extracts that can stop the production of DHT. Especially saw palmetto, which can actually block the enzyme that causes the testosterone to DHT conversion. It has been shown to work topically, and no serious side effects have ever been reported with its use. I wanted a product that had saw palmetto extract in its ingredients. Blocking this enzyme sounded good to me.

After much ¬†sampling of products, I found the product. It’s called ProOrganic and is made by Pura d’Or. It contains only natural ingredients, saw palmetto extract amongst them. It has clinical studies to back it up too. It’s sold through which also offers a subscription service, which is good for absent minded people like me. I won’t have to worry about restocking when my supply runs out.

I’ve given subscriptions to my family members suffering from hair loss. We have to protect each other. No one wants to see their nearest and dearest succumb to the very real emotional damage hair loss can cause.

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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