5 Ways To Instantly Look Slimmer


Can my hair really make me look thinner? This is a question we at frollicle.com get asked a lot. Weight maintenance is a struggle for almost everyone and many are looking for an easy way to look slimmer while fighting those extra pounds. We asked our favorite hair stylist Adam to weigh in on this. His answer was a resounding Yes! Your hair is the perfect place to start to create a thinner you. How? Read on to get started.

  1. You need a healthy head of hair. Having beautiful hair will draw the eye upward toward your face and away from your body. While hair health can be based on genetics and diet there are things you can do to maintain healthy hair. A quality shampoo and conditioner such as the Pura d’Or ProLine is a must. It’s full of vital nutrients, all naturally derived, that will stimulate your hair follicles. Follicle health is of utmost importance for healthy hair growth. Pura d’Or can also stop your hair from breaking and becoming a frizzy mess.
  2. Get rid of all your chemical laden hair care products. If you use a shampoo like Pura d’Or they are not necessary.  Those products only temporarily mask hair problems. In the long run they will cause damaged hair and frizz which will make your face look wider.
  3. Find a fantastic stylist. You are looking for someone that is trained to cut hair to the shape of your face, not one who wants to try out the latest hair fad. You want the stylist to create a flattering style     that is easy to maintain, as styling tools can hurt your hair health.
  4. For the women: Stay away from blunt cuts and straight bangs. Long layers, shaped to your individual bone structure will elongate your face making you look slimmer.
  5. For the men: Avoid buzz cuts. They tend to make faces look round.  For a more flattering look leave your hair longer on the top than on the back and sides. This will create an illusion of height and angles, lengthening your face, creating a slimming effect.

With these tips in mind, it’s not just about following hair rules. Make sure you feel comfortable with your new hairstyle. You may look better in a brand new cut and style which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve been wearing your hair the same way for years. It’s okay to take it slowly, easing yourself into your new look over the course of several months. So long as you feel happy and confident. After all, that is probably the single most important factor for success.


Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of Frollicle.com. She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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