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Can Anger Improve Your Hair?

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. Research has shown that greatest inventions are the products of very angry frustrated people. The anger that a product does not perform as it should,...

my advice for Donald Trump and his hair

My Advice for Donald Trump’s Hair

I’m not into politics (unless its a fashion war between Paris and New York) but I do have some advice for presidential candidate Donald Trump and his hair. I have no reason to believe...


My Coffee Confession

How does one start off their day and keep the stress at bay?  How does one get out of bed and get rid of that feeling of lead? All rhyming aside the answer is...

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The Total Package

When the door bell rings and you lift that brown box from the ground, it should have the solution to your hair and beauty problems. In this category we will bring you the complete...

The Naked Truth

There is something very beautiful about being honest. There is nothing hotter in the world of blogs than hearing it the way it is.

The Daily Frollicle

The Daily Frollicle

What’s new? What’s the latest? Grab a cup of coffee and join the Frollicle family for good gossip of what your friends are doing in the world of health and beauty.

Welcome to

Welcome to

Welcome to You may have guessed it, but just in case you’re still wondering about the name, here it is: Frollicle is all about the perfect balance between fun and fashion. I’ve approached...